Bomb scare hits Gasoline Alley

Several Gasoline Alley restaurants were evacuated Thursday night after a bomb scare at the Donut Mill.
Patrol cars blocked off entrances to the Hwy 2 commercial strip about 8 p.m. after a phone call warning of a bomb was received at the restaurant.
Restaurant owner Parry Dyck said one of his staff took the call and then called him at home. He advised the worker to call police who said to evacuate the restaurant.
“They took it very seriously,” said Dyck.
Police told surrounding restaurants what was going on and a number of them decided to clear out their customers as well.
The Donut Mill was searched and no explosives were found.
Police opened the service road again about 10 p.m., said RCMP Cpl. Terry Best.
Dyck doesn’t know why someone would play the prank on his restaurant, which reopened about 10:30 p.m.
“It’s puzzling. We have no idea why.”
The incident angers him. “It’s pretty disruptive to all the businesses along here.”