Murder suspect arrested in Sylvan

SYLVAN LAKE — A man charged with the Saskatoon murder of a female university student was arrested in Sylvan Lake without incident this week.
Staff Sgt. Tim Gilbert, head of Sylvan Lake RCMP detachment, said Wednesday the 20-year-old suspect was arrested Tuesday on a Canadawide warrant.
The suspect is wanted in connection with the March 12, 2013, stabbing death of Jaime Wheeler, a 20-year-old third-year University of Saskatchewan student.
Gilbert said Saskatoon police have escorted the suspect back there and he will appear in court Friday.
Sylvan Lake doesn’t have any outstanding criminal offences where the accused may be a suspect, Gilbert said.
Sgt. Keith Atkinson of Saskatoon Police Service said Wednesday the suspect’s name isn’t being released until he makes a court appearance.
Atkinson said police believe the suspect moved to the Sylvan Lake area in the early summer.
The man arrested became a suspect about a month ago, Atkinson said.
“He only came to light about a month ago when one of our officers identified him as a possible suspect.”
He said at this point the charge is murder until the Crown determines the degree when the suspect appears in court.
Atkinson said Wheeler shared a basement suite with a friend in Saskatoon and worked at a restaurant.
She had an active social life off campus, Atkinson said.
“Friends of Jaime described her as having a fun-loving, trusting nature that endeared her to everyone she met.”
She had a large, extended network of people she knew.
Atkinson said police believe Wheeler’s killer was part of this network.
An intensive investigation eliminated more than 150 people as suspects through DNA tests, Atkinson said.
A criminal profile of the killer, released March 12, showed the killer was probably a white male in his late teens or early 20s.
“The suspect may have demonstrated an explosive temper on other occasions when dealing with friends or acquaintances.
“He possibly displayed an attitude of entitlement towards women and may have been promiscuous in nature,” Atkinson said.
The profile also said the killer and victim probably started out on friendly terms the night of the murder because they knew each other.
Investigators believe the suspect sustained a cut to his hand or finger in committing the crime.
The suspect was arrested by Sylvan Lake and York rural RCMP members.