7 Tips and Facts About Gentlemen’s Clubs In Houston!

If you are a fan of adult entertainment, Houston has some incredible strip clubs that you can check. The best clubs are open all through the day, so you don’t have to necessarily come in the evening when the rush is at the peak. Guest often come in unprepared, which is precisely they feel out of place. In this post, we are sharing top things you need to know before going into a gentlemen’s club in Houston.

  • Get real cash. Tipping in gentlemen’s clubs is a must in general, and beyond the strippers, you may also have to pay the waiters and servers. We strongly recommend that you take in a good amount of cash that you wish to spend.
  • Ask about booze in advance. Not all clubs have the license to serve alcohol, while some just offer the BYOB option. You can check the website of the gentlemen’s club to find more, or call them directly.
  • Behave with the strippers. This is one thing that men often get wrong. Strippers are entertainers, and they expect to be treated with certain level of dignity. Don’t try to get close or misbehave in any way. Taking photos is a strict NO.
  • Food isn’t that bad. If you think of food at gentlemen’s clubs as average, think again. Some clubs have a very decent menu, and many are open lunch onwards, so you can expect a good range of options.
  • Don’t miss the lap dance. Strippers will come to you, offering a lap dance, which is just a dance but is worth experiencing. The price is decided by the house, and if you like the whole act, you should be tipping her. The DJ can play a song of your choice for an extra charge.

  • You can get a full-nude lap dance. That’s right. Many gentlemen’s clubs have full-nude dance on offer, which obviously is more expensive. By the way, it is completely okay to refuse a stripper for the dance!
  • Always use real dollar bills. Don’t be the cheap guest that strippers will hate by the end of the night. If you are at a gentlemen’s club, behave like one and make sure to only use dollar bills to tip, not choose change.

Please check the minimum age limit to enter the club. In Houston, you have to be at least 18+ to enter a gentlemen’s club.