Different Condiments You Can Enjoy Eating With Your Chips

Chips, also known as French fries, are a favourite for many people worldwide and come in various shapes and sizes. The humble chip can look very different depending on what country you are eating them in, and besides salt, there are many different condiments you can enjoy with your chips, such as Thai bottled sweet chilli sauce. Below are some options you can consider having n your chips to liven them up and let you eat something different that may or may not sound appealing to you.


A staple for fries or chips for many people is ketchup, the sweet tomato sauce that is a popular condiment worldwide. There are many different types of tomato sauce you can have on your chips, and it can be a perfect accompaniment for your chips that tastes delicious.


Another popular condiment for chips which is prevalent in the UK, is vinegar, which adds a sour taste to your chips which many people love. Many people will put salt and vinegar on their chips and have a sauce on them, and many sauces also have vinegar in their ingredients.

Sweet Chilli Sauce

A firm favourite in Asia which you will see alongside ketchup in many fast-food restaurants is sweet chilli sauce, which is also increasing in popularity in many western countries. It is similar to ketchup but has a slight chilli kick, making it the perfect accompaniment for many different foods, especially chips.


Mayonnaise is a popular sauce for your chips that you will see prominently in Europe, and many people like dunking their chips in it. You can have straight mayonnaise on your chips or combine it with another sauce if you want, such as sweet chilli, which tastes delicious when mixed with mayonnaise.

BBQ Sauce

BBQ sauce is another popular condiment that many people like to have with their fries, and this sweet and sticky sauce is a firm favourite with many Americans. This condiment is often available in many American restaurants, especially ones specialising in barbecued meats.

Brown Sauce

Another firm favourite of the British to put on their chips is brown sauce, which as the name implies is a dark brown colour sauce with the same consistency as ketchup. It has a sweet yet tangy taste and there is also a peppery taste to it that many people love on a variety of different foods.

These are a few of the sauces you can have on your chips, but many more options are available. Next time you have chips to eat, consider trying a new condiment and open your taste buds to something different.