How Cremation Diamonds Is Made

If you lost someone special, considering cremation jewelry will provide you with a special and personalized way to keep, your family members close. You can make some earrings, bracelets, rings, and necklace pendants from little amounts of your deceased ash, including cremation diamonds. In addition to that, other cremation jewelry like urn pendants will be holding ashes in the smaller chamber.

There are different sizes of cremation diamonds. They have various colors to suit every person’s preferences. Different manufacturers can provide a desirable cut that includes round, princess, or radiant. It is important to understand how ashes diamond jewelry is made.

Starting with prototyping and CAD software

The process used to turn ashes into cremation jewelry is not that difficult. You require to send a specified amount of your hair or ashes from your loved one, and the jewelry-making process will start. At this point, you will need to inform your designer of the vision that concerns this piece of jewelry. On the other hand, the designer will take your idea into a visual design using the right software for your approval.

Diamond creation from ashes

Cremation diamond is made from a patented process where the specialist will heat the ashes to an extreme temperature. Before the extraction of carbon, human ashes are purified at higher temperatures. This purification process can convert the carbon into graphite to create ash to diamond.

If the remain carbon is not enough, generic carbon will be created to make a diamond. The carbon will then become exposed to higher pressure temperatures to stimulate the natural environment. Next, you require to prepare a diamond seed and consider putting it in a press. After heating it to the right degree of temperatures, you will require to expose it to intense pressure. This type of environment will mimic the one in the earth’s crust.

Polishing and cutting

Using current methods and innovations, a cutter will need to facets the rough diamond to the preferred style. Then diamond will require going through the cross work to determine the maximum weight, clarity, and a particular diamond shape. To complete the creation of the diamond, there will be a need to smoothen the main facets.

Additionally, the colorless memorial diamond will reflect the additional task that has been done in the process of purification. When making larger sizes of cremation diamonds, you will find more inclusions. These are tiny imperfections that occur in synthetic and natural diamonds. These are mostly seen under magnification of 10x. The cuts at the same time can bring sparkle and brilliance. The dazzling shape in different types of diamond cuts is 58 facets.

Certificate of authenticity

It is necessary to be concerned about authenticity in the final product. Moreover, this affects the process of turning cremation ashes into a diamond. There is a need for the manufacturer to provide this certification to uphold high standards.

Process duration

The making process of cremation of diamond jewelry can take several months. However, the result is a loving attribute to your loved one that can last longer.