How Men Can Regain Control Over Intimacy for Longer Duration

For men suffering from premature ejaculation, speaking to a doctor is essential. Although this problem is quite common, it is treatable and may even be curable. Your doctor will discuss your symptoms and medical history, as well as perform a physical exam. He may also discuss your sexual activity with your partner. He may order some lab tests to rule out other possible causes. Treatments for premature ejaculation can vary from non-drug treatments to prescription medications.

Depending on the cause of PE, you may be experiencing a lifelong case, or an acquired case, which means that your PE has developed after one or two sexual experiences. Often, there are psychological components involved, but they can be temporary or permanent. If your PE has become a habit, you should seek treatment immediately. A physician specializes in sexual dysfunction can help you determine the best treatment for PE. Some treatment options involve undergoing treatment or visiting a fertility specialist.

If your PE is caused by a psychological issue, a therapist can recommend psychological treatments. Couples may discuss their relationship problems with their partner and learn how to “unlearn” the habit of premature ejaculation. For men who feel unable to find a partner or are embarrassed by it, a psychiatrist may prescribe a medication that delays ejaculation. One such medication is Dapoxetine, an SSRI specifically made for premature ejaculation. This medication should be taken at least one to three hours before intercourse, but not more.

Another cause of premature ejaculation is psychological. Although there is no definitive cause for it, psychological factors make it worse. Some men may experience it due to stress, poor body image, or low confidence. Other psychological causes of premature ejaculation include a lack of confidence, poor body image, or poor feelings about sex. The effects of premature ejaculation can negatively affect a man’s ability to achieve an erection. If the causes are psychological, he should talk to his GP.

Behavioral therapy is another treatment option for PE. This method uses various exercises designed to delay ejaculation, including the squeeze and stop-start methods. A person who cannot control his orgasm may try this technique, which has been proven to be effective. However, the problem of PE can sometimes persist even after behavioral therapy is stopped. Some people may even develop secondary symptoms. It is important to note that behavioral techniques alone are not enough to solve this problem.

During intercourse, a man may experience premature ejaculation before he can reach orgasm. This may happen during foreplay or immediately after penetration. It can be frustrating and affect the quality of sex. One out of five men experiences this sexual dysfunction at some point in his life. If left untreated, it may become a medical issue. For men, however, there are methods that can delay premature ejaculation.

If you suffer from premature ejaculation, you can consult a doctor such as at to find out what causes it and how to treat it. While the onset of premature ejaculation is common, a treatment can help you achieve orgasm more frequently. Aside from undergoing a natural treatment for PE, the doctor may prescribe prescription medication to help with the condition. If you are suffering from PE, you should seek treatment from a reputable medical provider for a permanent cure.

Although PE is rare, it can lead to other secondary symptoms like embarrassment and anxiety. A doctor can help diagnose the condition and give recommendations for treatment. Premature ejaculation can be a major source of distress for both the sufferer and the partner. If not treated, PE can cause emotional and social distress. Ultimately, it can lead to depression and anxiety. Fortunately, many men with PE can be helped.

Psychotherapy is another option for people with this condition. This type of treatment involves exploring relationship issues with the partner and learning techniques to “unlearn” the habit. In some cases, patients may benefit from selective serotonin reuptake inhibitor (SSRIs), a class of drugs used to treat depression and other mental health issues. The SSRI dapoxetine is specifically designed to treat premature ejaculation. It is taken on demand, usually one to three hours before sex. However, these drugs are not recommended to be taken more than once a day.

The main symptom of premature ejaculation is uncontrolled ejaculation. In other words, men with PE ejaculate much earlier, without any sexual stimulation. For men with PE, the problem is usually caused by brain chemistry changes, or by a man’s experience with erectile dysfunction. Erectile dysfunction may also be a cause of premature ejaculation, so treating the problem may be an option. There are several medications available to help prevent PE.

In addition to prescription medications, there are some non-prescription methods that can help prevent premature ejaculation. One of the most popular options is topical anaesthetic sprays, which temporarily desensitize the penis head. These products are easy to use and have minimal risk of systemic side effects. Aside from medication, people can also try using kegel exercises to improve their control over ejaculation.

One study looked at 110 men with lifelong PE. They found that 90% of them had IIELTs less than a minute. A further 10% had an IIELT between a minute and two minutes. That means that 77% of men with PE ejaculated before one minute. This study suggests that the causes of PE are numerous, but some are more common than others. So how can you know if you’re suffering from the condition?

Although a man can control ejaculation, he may be unable to delay it completely. Some men experience premature ejaculation within 30 seconds of vaginal penetration, while others ejaculate within five to ten minutes of beginning intercourse. Other factors may also contribute to a man’s premature ejaculation. There are several causes, including psychological, physical, and emotional factors.

Physical and psychological factors are the most common causes of premature ejaculation. For men with erectile dysfunction, a fear of losing an erection can trigger premature ejaculation. Also, stress limits the ability to relax during sexual encounters. Ultimately, premature ejaculation can interfere with fertility. Fortunately, there are many treatments for premature ejaculation. If you think you’re suffering from the condition, it’s time to seek medical care.