How the GED pathway leads to study in the UK and a bachelor’s degree

The thought of one day studying at a UK university is something most Thai students dream about. Being able to visit amazing places and get the most out of the experience surrounded by fellow young people certainly allows the imagination to flow.

However, such dreams can become reality, especially of those looking for a future career in corporate business administration, finance, marketing, or hospitality. That is when applying to enter a program in Bangkok or Phuket that provides a GED qualification (known as วุฒิ ged in Thai), which in turn then leads to a year of study in the UK to gain a bachelor’s degree.

  • General Education Development is a 6th grade qualification examination according to the standard curriculum of the United States. Those who pass can then take their pick from the choice of universities in the UK that are committed. The immediate appeal, apart from heading to somewhere that will be the envy of many friends is that it takes a year less than achieving the same degree at a Thai university.
  • Studies at the educational centre see 4 subjects being covered, lasting 6 hours a day in the classroom. All the materials come from the UK and the program is led by an experienced and qualified team with experience at executive level. It is certified by leading regulatory bodies so to reach the highest standards, with grades being issued directly from the UK Board of Education.
  • Free English language lessons are provided, so that those who are concerned about finding themselves in an uncomfortable environment can relax and look forward to their adventure. The students’ command of English will improve markedly once in the UK, which will impress future employers.

Because the entire process only takes 3 years, it leads to a natural saving of time and money, as costs are lower, and graduates can then begin their chosen career patch a year earlier. Maybe, contacts made while studying in one of the exciting academic locations could lead to opportunities. Friends will certainly be made from different parts of the world, with the time away assisting with personal development.

The GED qualification as a pathway to a bachelor’s degree is becoming increasingly popular as it eradicates the need of a lengthy exam process and allows graduates to save a year of study. They save money, have an incredible experience at a UK university, and offer them the best opportunity of a successful career path.