How To Filter Out Amateur SEO Agencies?

SEO and digital marketing services, unlike old days, are a big business filled with a lot of firms. In such a market scenario, finding a reputed firm who can provide quality SEO services is a big task. If you end up finding an amateur agency with no expertise, this can even lead to a loss of a reputation for your company. So here are things to looks for to filter out low-quality SEO firms.

No portfolio to show.

Confident agencies who have done quality work always showcase their success to their newer clients. But, amateurs always keep it hidden and give reasons, including privacy concerns. So always go with some agency who can give you their past clients.

Inputs from you

SEO is a strategy to be done by understanding the core of your business. So, inputs from you are required during every individual part of the project. If an agency agrees to do the job without asking you anything, it is better to avoid them.

Lack of transparency

Reputed agencies are always ready to keep the right level of transparency with all their clients. A proper discussion about the techniques planned with the client is an important thing any good agencies will do.