Necessary Care To Be Taken While Shipping You Personal or Company Car

Shipping a car is not just about calculating the total shipping cost. There is a lot of paperwork involved and many permits are needed if your shipment needs to be transported across many state borders. These are especially necessary because auto transportation involves a high risk of damage, theft, or change in shipping routes during transit.

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Documents required for auto-shipment

  • Insurance cover:

Insurance cover and its documents are extremely critical when you are shipping a vehicle over a long distance. All the inclusions in the cover must be thoroughly read so that you are aware of the risks associated with shipping your vehicle to a particular company.

You can always ask to see the insurance documentation before signing up the shipment contract with an auto-shipment company.

  • Shipment contract:

The absence of a shipment contract is suggestive of a scam deal. You must always ask to sign a contract and keep a copy for your reference. You have no idea where your vehicle is taken during transit. In case of unfortunate mishaps, this is the only piece of document that can get you to your car.

  • Landing bill:

This is the delivery receipt given by the shipping agent when you have inspected the car during its delivery. You must never sign the landing bill without inspecting the car for damages. Once the landing bill is signed, the responsibility of the shipping company ends here and their liability to insure any damages also ends with the same.

Apart from these, you will also need the entire paperwork of your car including purchase bill and car insurance ready for handing over to the shipping company during pick up.

Shipping a personal vehicle is still easy. However, a car provided by an employer needs extra caution while shipping it across state borders. This is because if anyone else is replacing your position, the company policy might hand over your car to them and this is why you must check with the HR department before arranging for shipping of the company car.

You must also check with your employer if they can pay the cost of car shipment if you are moving places for the tasks of the company itself. Only when the car shipment provider signed up with your company cannot deliver according to a timeline, you should opt for personally shipping the car and taking reimbursements for your spending.

The car owned by the company is their liability and the risks associated with shipping the same are also borne by the company. Talk to your employer to ensure insurance and licensing needs are thoroughly met before taking charge of the shipment through a personal shipment dealer.