Seven Surprising Things About Bollywood Legend Shah Rukh Khan

7 Facts You Didn’t Know About Bollywood Legend Shah Rukh Khan

Known as the King of Bollywood, King Khan, ShahRukh Khan has an iconic identity that many around the world identify with. His smile, sleek looks, and sultry singing voice have allowed him to capture the hearts and minds of audiences around the globe. His personality is just as big as his fame, as is his generosity and kindness. Which is why you’ll often find stars who act with him cannot help but be enamoured with their encounters.

Which is why it’s great to get behind the scenes and stories of the screen legend and take a look at some of the lesser-known facts about this Bollywood giant.

Dislikes Ice-Cream

Surprisingly, ShahRukh Khan does not enjoy ice-cream at all. Which goes hand in hand with the fact he dislikes eating outside as well, since the paparazzi tend to follow him around wherever he goes, and he does not enjoy pictures taken of him when eating.

Owns Land On The Moon

Surprisingly, ShahRukh Khan owns land on the moon. While the actor did not purchase it directly himself, he was gifted an acre of land by two fans.  He had it accredited by the Lunar Republic Societyand has the land certificates for the plots in his possession. There is also a crater on the moon named after him.

Has Three Doctorate Degrees

The King of Bollywood has received three international honorary doctorates from different top universities. He received one from the University of Edinburgh for his contribution to film and philanthropy. He received an honorary doctorate from La Trobe University in recognition of his contributions towards underprivileged children and his efforts towards women’s empowerment. The final degree is from the University of Law in London, and it was awarded for his efforts to give back to society overall and his contributions to Indian films.

Agreed To A Role Without Reading The Script

Famed filmmaker Aditya Chopra gave ShahRukh Khan a script, which the actor agreed to do at once. What many don’t know is that the screen legend didn’t even read the script, he accepted the role based purely upon his trust for his friend.

One Of The Most Successful Actors

Considering his string of blockbuster films behind him, ShahRukh Khan is one of the most successful actors to be found. He’s been nominated 226 for various film and media awards in Bollywood, and has won 207 of them. He’s also successfully won best actor 29 times.

Irons His Pyjamas

While this is a bit of an odd quirk, it’s something he does every night before bed: he ensures that his pyjamas are ironed and uncreased. When queried on this, he’s said to have replied: Who knows, perhaps one day I’ll meet someone in my dreams.

Obsessed With The Number …

The Bollywood King has a number obsession, and each of his cars needs to have the number 555 somewhere on them or in the number plate. This extends out to his staff as well, and all staff members are required to have the number 555 included within their cellphone numbers. You can bet that when he gables he looks for the same number too, whether in an online casino welcome bonus or while placing bets.

Which of these facts surprised you the most?