Some Factors Of Nowbet

Besides the terms and conditions and rules and regulations, there are other factors of Nowbet. These factors include:

Negligence And Delay

 If any Event exceeds the start date that got scheduled and does not get completed in the completion date scheduled, as described in the rules of sports, then all the bets imposed will be invalid, but not for the Markets which had different rules set.

Also, after the starting of any Event gets rejected before its completion within the date scheduled, described in the rules for sports, then all the bets imposed will turn invalid. Not for Markets that had different rules set on.

 Therefore, if any Event of nowbet does not get completed in the time of completion scheduled as described in the rules. Thus, an official result gets declared by the governing body of the Event, and the Company announces it invalid. The decision that the Company makes in this regard is the final.

Change In Venue Of Any Match

Change in the venue of any nowbet match is another factor of nowbet. If any match has a scheduled time to play on neutral ground but got played on the non-neutral field, all bets imposed on that match will turn invalid. All the events occurring for the non-teams, if the venue gets changed after the Market gets opened, then the bets will remain valid.

Time Periods

 The duration that gets posted for any Event is for reference purposes. The bets will remain valid in spite of any change in the time scheduled.

The thing, at the time of stoppage that gets played, can be considered to have occurred at the end of regular stoppage time. Therefore, like any goal scored in the first half of the stoppage time, considered to get scored on 45 minutes.


Wherever necessary, the official result will be counted depending on the podium positions. While declaring the outcomes, if no podium ceremony takes place, the results will get announced as the official result produced by the governing body during the time of Market settlement.

Again, if there is no official result available, the Market settlement will declare the result depending on the shreds of evidence known to them.

Whereas in the case of Markets, after the termination of the Event, the settlement of result takes place. Some Markets might get settled before the declaration of the official result. Thus, the right remains in the hands of the Company to reverse the settlement.

 If any changes to results get formed 72 hours after the Event starts and placing bets, the Company reserves the right to ignore it.

Whenever a conflict occurs between the official results and the outcomes of the website, the Company reserves the right to resolve the matter by video recording to determine the correct solution. However, if the Company records no videos, then the right to declare the correct result depends on the governing body of that Event. If the outcome posted is wrong, the Company can make further decisions to announce the result. The decision made by the Company is final.