The addiction of marijuana and cancers 

If you are a cannabis addict, then you are at high risk. The long-term use of cannabis causes chronic health issues. The excess consumption of cannabis can make you addict. When it comes to cannabis consumption, one in ten people become an addict to it.


The teenagers who start cannabis use in their adult age have one in six percent chances of becoming an addict. When you consume marijuana for the long term, it becomes difficult for you to escape addiction. After that, it becomes difficult for people to withdraw the marijuana. Discontinuing marijuana causes different health conditions such as insomnia, anxiety, loss of appetite, and depression.


Marijuana smoke causes adverse effects on the human lung. The people who smoke are more towards lung cancer. However, another study amazes different people. The study stated that the frequent use of cannabis causes the development of testicular cancers. The whole study said that its use causes testicular cancers in rare circumstances. The purpose of the study was to examine that it can cause different cancers to develop in rare situations. However, smoking is harmful in any condition, and you should avoid it.

Sexual Desires: 

If you are looking for cannabis dispensary near me to fulfill your sexual desires and behaviors, you can contact any online market. Many people use cannabis for fulfilling their sexual desires. Marijuana has a strong relation with sexual libido and function. In some cases, the use of cannabis is banned as more individuals are prone to fulfilling their needs and desires. Later, they become addicted to it, and it causes several health conditions to them. In an animal study, marijuana prevents the receptor in the erectile tissue of the animal penis. The result concluded that the use of cannabis before sex limits the sexual functions other than helping it.

Health risks: 

Some researchers stated that long-term marijuana use doesn’t cause many health disorders. Not many health risks are associated with the heavy use of marijuana. Many heavy smokers get high without feeling lazy or paranoid. But, it happens in rare cases. Over time, the habit persists, and smokers tend to experience more social anxiety and anxiousness. Also, some long-term use of weed causes a personality change and makes the person less social. People who smoke pot for a longer time suffer worse periodontal gum health that leads to gum diseases. Apart from this, marijuana causes an increased risk of psychotic illness, downward socioeconomic mobility, and IQ decline.

IQ decline: 

Several studies indicate that marijuana causes a decline in IQ, especially in people who start at the adult age. After that, it persists and causes different disorders. However, not every study proves to cause IQ declines. Also, multiple factors such as family environment, genetics, frequency of use, duration of use, cannabis use disorder, and duration of study can cause the IQ decline in many people. Furthermore, different studies state that it causes functional impairment in cognitive abilities depending on the person age.